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This website is designed to provide the Chapman Place community important information, facts & news.  Hopefully, as a unit owner you will use it as a reference guide when questions arise; and as a potential owner, a way to learn more of the uniqueness of condominium living.​

Office Hours : Mon, Wed, Fri  9am-1pm

**NEW** City of Leominster key contact phone numbers - see list under "Good to know" 

-- Recycling

Any recycling left outside the container will no longer be picked up.  PLEASE make sure all cardboard is flattened and cut into, at a minimum, 3'x 2' pieces. Reminder, recycling material is paper, glass, cardboard and metal.

Since CPC is not a gated community, nor do we have security 24/7, it is extremely important that unit owners take action when these people come to their door.  As a suggestion, you should tell them there is no soliciting on the property.  You should ask them to polity leave or you will call the police.  If it is during office hours, call the office and Maryann will try get a hold of Gary to investigate. If it is after hours, be sure to call in a report to the office.

     The following are registered to solicit in Leominster as of April 7, 2016:
            SFE Energy
            Amergy Solar
            Power Home Remodel

- Reminder

Chapman place does not cover 7 X 24, if you have an emergency call 911.  Any other calls should go to the office and not Gary's cell phone

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