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Office Hours : Mon, Wed, Fri  9am-1pm

-- GUTTERS - gutter cleaning should be completed sometime during the week of November 27th.

-- Fall cleanup - The fall cleaned should start either Friday Nov 17th or the week of November 27th.

--Updated Rules & Regulations

A revised version of the Rules & Regulations have been registered at the registry of deeds.  

​​​--Trash pickup

Trash pickup is now on Friday's.  (see good to know section for day delay schedule)  

​​--Parking Reminder

​Parking on the roads and lawns is a violation.  Having your cars back end sticking out in the road is a violation.  Visitors parking is for visitors.

-- Rules & Regulations

New updates to Rules & Regulations.  See new document in "Important Documents".  If you go to the last page of the document it shows the modification history.

-- Recycling

Any recycling left outside the container will no longer be picked up.  PLEASE make sure all cardboard is flattened and cut into, at a minimum, 3'x 2' pieces. Reminder, recycling material is paper, glass, cardboard and metal.

- Reminder

Chapman place does not cover 7 X 24, if you have an emergency call 911.  Any other calls should go to the office and not to any employee's cell or home phone.

                                                                                              Updated: 11/22/2017

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